It’s not a secret that a history of any successful business goes hand in hand with a continuous search. Most often in this sense we are talking about the search for new ideas, investors and target markets. All this, of course, is extremely important, but often the key aspect in this matter is overlooked, - and this aspect is the search for goods and suppliers itself. Needless to say, that over several years of business, successful entrepreneurs deal with dozens, if not hundreds of different partner companies, making trial purchases from an even greater number of suppliers.

Manufacturers' product catalogues, various trade portals, industrial exhibitions and wholesale online stores to a certain extent help entrepreneurs find the supplier they need, but using these sites sometimes takes too much time which, as it is known, for successful businessmen is perhaps the strongest currency. Moreover, when talking about cooperation with wholesalers, as a rule, we are also talking about 20-30% mark-up. And we are not even talking about the cost logistics.

“ETA Market” – is an ideal partner, the first international online wholesale trading platform where you simply select the desired product, place orders within a few clicks and expect it to be delivered on a “door-to-door” basis.

Over the years of operation, "ETA Market" united many qualified manufacturers and importers from around the world. Anything from grocery goods to household chemicals - thousands of different products directly from tested factories and plants, at prices that without exaggeration can be called the absolute minimum.

The “ETA Market” margin is only 5%, instead of the standard 20-30%, and this is all because we do not have our own transport, warehouses, staff, the equipment does not wear out, and we do not bear other expenses. Besides, even the delivery of goods is carried out by the automatic partner platform “CARGOTENDER”. Whether it’s one pallet or several, in any case, over 5,000 freight companies registered at the site will fight for the opportunity to deliver your order, offering the lowest price at the tender. All this without any additional efforts from your side and with a full guarantee of delivery in the shortest possible term.

Successful business entrepreneurs recommend to cooperate not just with one partner, but have several suppliers at once. In the matter of procurement of goods, successful businessmen also advise monitoring the quality, price, guarantees and the delivery methods. The best offer is always determined by this criterion. And “ETA Market” addresses all those matters like no others.

“ETA Market” –is your market in a just a few clicks.

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